Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer 

       and Spiritual Coach      

                          Honor Ballantyne, Taunton Reflexology            

Honor combines her unique gifts of natural healing, intuition, life wisdom and candid approach, to enable her clients to unlock there potential to live a happier, healthier and more creative fulfilling life.

Her intention is to inspire and encourage her clients to start on a journey to regain there own sovereignty, whist empowering them to take responsibility for and envisioning there happiness, health and wellbeing, whatever that maybe for them.  


Honor tailors her clients treatments to suit there own individual needs, by using a combination of hands on treatment (reflexology/massage), energy work (Reiki), along with conversation or not depending on their preference.  Her natural warmth and nurturing personality offers you the opportunity to relax in comfortable surroundings and to find a peaceful space in which to breath, quieten the mind whilst resting your body and spirit.


To book and appointment with Honor please either contact her directly by mobile 07789222160 or email